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Graduate Student Positions in Tom Schneider's Lab

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Dr. Thomas D. Schneider
Laboratory of Experimental and Computational Biology
Frederick, MD, USA

I am interested in having a graduate students to work on nanotechnology projects that are currently patent pending.

Since the position is mostly for doing bench experiments (as opposed to computer experiments) the main requirements are skill and experience with standard molecular biology methods, especially cloning, protein purification and gel shifts.

Unfortunately NIH does not have a graduate program, so the only mechanism that seems possible is for a student to go to a university and then work here.

Funding Mechanisms

The IRTA funding mechanism requires that I have a position available to fill. At this point I do not have a position. This means that a student would have to find some other source of funding.

The Foundation for Advanced Education in the Sciences FAES Graduate School at NIH may have a mechanism that we can use.

Until a mechanism is found, the student would have to have their own means of support, but laboratory supplies can be covered by my lab. If the project is successful (and the student works hard!) then I may be able to obtain support later.

One approach is for a student to join a local university graduate program and then do collaborative work with my lab. This would require getting a specific person at the university interested, but might be possible. Some local universities:

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Schneider Lab

origin: 1999 December 23
updated: 2001 October 5
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