Building 1 of the NIH campus with six large columns and
a triangular roof. National Institutes of Health (NIH) Information

for the Frederick Campus


a purple ball NCI at Frederick Home Page
a green ball Starting from a filled black central circle there are
four arrows pointing to the letters for the four compass
directions, N E W S (up left right and down respectively).
The central circle is surrounded by a dotted circle behind
the arrow heads. How to Get to the Gene Regulation and Chromosome Biology Laboratory
a purple ball Advanced Biomedical Computing Center
a purple ball NIH-Bethesda (maps)
an orange ball Report of Visitor Form


a red ball Emergency Preparedness & Response
a red ball Emergency Preparedness at NCI

PHONE a red telephone set with buttons and a lift receiver

a yellow ball NIH Directory (Frederick and Bethesda)
a white ball NCI at Frederick Phonebook
a white ball Logo for HHS, the U.S.  Department of Health & Human
Services consisting of three ribbons surrounded by blue.
The one on the left is an eagle, the middle and right ones
are human face profiles. Search the HHS Employee Directory
a white ball Summer Semiar Series
a white ball Principal investigators of the Division of Basic Sciences, National Cancer Institute
a white ball Center for Information Technology (CIT) NIH
a white ball NIH Help Desk


a red ball NIH Calendar of Events

a red ball NIH VideoCasting


a red ball NCI at Frederick Scientific Library

a red ball NIH Bethesda Scientific Library

Steps for Using NIH Manuscript Submission System

a purple ball snowflake WEATHER: CLOSINGS FOR FREDERICK snowflake
Closing of Facility Due to Adverse Weather or Other Conditions for NCI-FREDERICK EMPLOYEES

Fort Detrick open/close information by phone:

US government open/closed status (may not apply to Frederick)

a purple ball NCI at Frederick Mail Schedule BROKEN LINK

a purple ball Request for Shipment of Materials and Equipment. Use this form to send materials from NIH. BROKEN LINK

Green recycling symbol consisting of three arrows in a
triangular clockwise circle.  The edge of the inside of the
loop shows an eagle face. a purple ball Recycling at NIH

a purple ball bike in ascii Bike Commuting Seminar 2012 Apr 24

a purple ball Transcription Factor Interest Group

a white ball NCI at Frederick Property



a white ballCIT Service Catalog

a white ball National Cancer Institute Public inquiries to the National Cancer Institute (NCI) can be referred to the Public Inquiries Office at:

Bldg. 31, Rm. 10A03 (MSC 2580)
31 Center Drive Bethesda, MD 20892-2580
Phone: 301-435-3848
Fax: 301-402-0894
E-mail inquiries should be forwarded to
The Public Inquiries Office is a triage center that responds to or refers inquiries on NCI programs and activities and on cancer to a variety of resources. These resources include the press office, legislative office, advocacy liaison office, the Cancer Information Service, various web sites, various divisional offices, etc. These messages arrive by e-mail, fax, telephone, and regular mail. Many inquiries are made by citizens who simply walk in.
Steverna Fields Cancer Information / Public Affairs Specialist

Cancer Communications Resources

color bar Small icon for Theory of Molecular Machines: physics,
chemistry, biology, molecular biology, evolutionary theory,
genetic engineering, sequence logos, information theory,
electrical engineering, thermodynamics, statistical
mechanics, hypersphere packing, gumball machines, Maxwell's
Daemon, limits of computers

Schneider Lab

origin: 1998 April 1
updated: 2014 Mar 06
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