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People in the Schneider Lab

Tom Schneider's group has projects on information theory in biology.

We are in the Gene Regulation and Chromosome Biology Laboratory in the National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute, on the campus of the Center for Cancer Research, Frederick, Maryland 21702, USA. For our complete acronymology go here.

SIP is the NCI at Frederick The Werner H. Kirsten Student Intern Program.

Individuals in the Lab:

Former Lab Members

Members of the Schneider lab in 1999 Aug 6, in the shade.
Schneider lab, 1999 August 6, "-sun". Fraction of smiles: 4 of 8.

Schneider Lab 1999 Aug 6 in the sun
Schneider lab, 1999 August 6, "+sun"
Fraction of smiles: 7 of 8; there appears to be a correlation with the sun. From top left: Shu Ouyang, Denise Rubens, Tom Schneider, Ilya Lyakhov, Ryan Shultzaberger, Karen Lewis, Nitasha Klar, Ann Nichols. (Thanks to Bruce Shapiro for taking the photograph.)

Schneider lab, 2002 August 9 not in the sun
Schneider lab, 2002 August 9, "-sun".

Schneider lab, 2002 August 9, in the sun Schneider lab, 2002 August 9, "+sun"
From top left: Brent Jewett, Tom Schneider, Ilya Lyakhov, Xiao Ma (Sheldon), Brandon Cunningham, Zehua Chen, Juliet Aiken, Ryan Shultzaberger, Krishnamachari Annangarachari (Chari), (Thanks to Debbie Eyler for taking the photographs this year.)

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Schneider Lab

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updated: 2014 Mar 06
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