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Evolution in a Nutshell

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The cycle of evolution as done in the Ev program.  A
circle of arrows between mutate, evaluate, sort, kill,
replicate and back to mutate.  An arrow running from
evaluate to sort to kill is inside and labeled 'selection'.

Science UNRESTRICTED is a annual one-day program by the Institute for Defense Analyses (IDA) for K-12 Students, Families, & Teachers. Nearly 400 registered students and probably 150-200 more teachers and parents attended in 2008/2009.

Thursday, May 03, 2018
Institute for Defense Analyses
4850 Mark Center Drive
Alexandria, Virginia, 22311

In the presentation Evolution in a Nutshell I show visitors the Evj program running on a laptop computer. In a few moments and about 700 generations Evj demonstrates evolution of a genetic control system. You can try it yourself by clicking here. Learn more by reading the Guide to Evj.

Images used during the presentation are from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cell_(biology):

Science UNRESTRICTED Tom Schneider 2017may11 (Photo: Kevin Franco)

Science UNRESTRICTED Tom Schneider 2017may11 (Photo: SU staff)

Science UNRESTRICTED Tom Schneider 2017may11 (Photo: Jocelyn Seng)

Science UNRESTRICTED Tom Schneider 2017may11 (Photo: Jocelyn Seng)

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origin:    2008 Apr 14
updated: 2018 May 02

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