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Technician Position in
Molecular Information Theory

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Dr. Thomas D. Schneider
National Institutes of Health
National Cancer Institute at Frederick
Laboratory of Experimental and Computational Biology
Frederick, MD, USA
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Department of Health and Human ServicesDHHS


Thank you for your interest.

The position is for a lab technician to run a molecular biology laboratory. This involves:

In addition:

We are a lab of enthusiastic, energetic, and self-driven go-getters. For further information about what we do please explore this web site, especially the on-line papers. Papers on T7 promoters are listed there. The relevant papers are:

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 and G. D. Stormo
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on nucleotide sequences",
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pages = "415-431",
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author = "T. D. Schneider
 and G. D. Stormo",
title = "Excess Information at Bacteriophage
{T7} Genomic Promoters
Detected by a Random Cloning Technique",
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volume = "17",
pages = "659-674"}

author = "N. D. Herman
  and T. D. Schneider",
title = "High Information Conservation Implies that
at Least Three Proteins Bind Independently to {F}
Plasmid {{\em incD\/}} Repeats",
journal = "J. Bact.",
volume = "174",
pages = "3558-3560",
year = "1992"}

It is also useful to read the Primer on Information theory.

Details about the position can be found at the Office of Personnel Management website It has information such as:

The position is for a GS-401 Biologist. The salary level depends on the individual. The advertisement is at the GS-09/11 level. Info. regarding the GS-401 series can be obtained at the same site with this link:

Announcement. The position is announced officially at The direct link is Announcement Number: NCI-02-1104. Applications are now being accepted there. Please go to that page to complete an official application.

The Knowledge Skills and Abilities (KSAs) are:

  1. Knowledge of the principles, concepts and theories of biology, microbiology, biochemistry, bacteriology, and molecular biology to perform research support tasks.
  2. Skill in the use of established scientific methods, procedures, and techniques.
  3. Ability to analyze and interpret scientific data.
  4. Skill in the use of sophisticated laboratory equipment.

The description of the position is:

This program within the Laboratory of Experimental and Computational Biology (LECB) aims to create and test a foundation of theory for molecular biology and then to use this platform to understand biology, create novel medical applications and to engineer and construct molecular machines. The program includes bacteriology, molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics, microbiology and molecular genetics. The position requires the fusion of molecular biology with computer science and information theory. It involves theoretical, experimental and programming methods. Incumbent participates in the construction of mathematical theories to explain biological phenomena and the experimental testing of those theories. Incumbent participates in the extension and application of the Shannon information theory methods to molecular biological phenomena (theory of molecular machines, molecular information theory), and use of these and other methods for construction of molecular scale machinery (nanotechnology). In his/her day-to-day work assists in the evaluation and interpretation of the findings of this research as a basis for further investigation, and for communication of the completed work by presentation at national and international meetings and for publication in recognized scientific journals. See

After reviewing these materials if you have questions you can contact I appreciate knowing which papers you have read and how you would approach running the lab.

Note: If you decide to send me your CV:

  1. Please send it by email.
  2. Please send all materials as plain ASCII text.
    • Set your mailer and test it to avoid sending specialized character sets.
    • Word processor documents will not be accepted
  3. Do not use lines longer than 80 characters.
  4. Avoid attachments.
  5. You may point to the URL of an html or PDF CV on the web.
Note: Any materials you send directly to me will not be part of the official application. You must send all of the required materials to the personell office (see above) or your application will not be valid.

Thanks for your interest in my lab.

Tom Schneider

  • The National Cancer Institute is an Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action employer that values and fosters diversity throughout the entire organization.
  • NIH provides reasonable accommodations to applicants with disabilities.
  • If you served on active duty in the United States Military and were separated under honorable conditions, you may be eligible for veterans' preference.
  • Special selection priority consideration will be given to candidates eligible under the CTAP and ICTAP placement programs.
Further details on these topics are on the official web pages of

Within the United States Government, the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is the parent organization for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the National Cancer Institute (NCI). DHHS, NIH and NCI are Equal Opportunity Employers.

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Schneider Lab

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updated: 2011 Jul 14
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